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Senior Account Manager (PR)

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A senior account manager should be an experienced, broadly capable project and

account manager who handles a wide range of assignments, projects and/or clients with a high degree of success and independence. She/he has strong client relationships and is considered a company leader. A senior account manager has demonstrated high-level

professional knowledge and skills. She/he is able to manage several large accounts

and/or a few smaller ones, with little top cover from her/his Practice Director, as well as

the staff assigned to the business. She/he should have strong project management,

budgeting, counselling, programming, people management and business development

skills with increased emphasis and demonstrated success in building business and

people. She/he has the confidence and support of client contacts and strong relationships with the client organization. As a firm wide leader, a senior account manager demonstrates the ability and wherewithal to deliver on our vision, performance requirements and growth projections. A senior account manager has strong relationships with and the confidence of the client.


Account Management

A senior account manager meets all the responsibilities and expectations of an account

manager and:

• Sets and manages client expectations.

• Develops and manages projects/programs, including implementation plans, evaluation

mechanisms, staffing plans, budgets and timelines.

• In managing account team ensures that work is delegated to the appropriate

experience levels within the team structure.

• Independently handles several accounts and/or major projects, directing much of the

day-to-day work with assistance from more junior and senior staff as appropriate.

• Is the client contact for the full account and ensures that agency points of contact grow

over time.

• Develops presentations for clients relative to project management/program status.

• Ensures that the team(s) is appropriately informed and involved in projects.

• Anticipates and leads in the resolution of emerging account problems.

• Provides proactive leadership to accounts, staff and clients

• Ensures profitability on the accounts

• Ensures that team can articulate and apply agency vision, goals, practice areas and


Professional Skills

• Provides leadership in driving a positive work culture.

• Is a positive role model and mentor for others in the firm.

• Routinely displays strong people management and development skills.

• Is able to anticipate problems or issues and respond accordingly.

• Has depth and diversity of account experience that informs public relations counsel.

• Has full understanding of public relations and a consistent track record of achieving

public relations objectives.

• Understands business trends for industry segment/products, and applies it to the

clients as well as impact

• Responsible for overall development of programs based on team input.

• Directs development of range of materials developed by account team including client

memos, press releases, speeches, articles, brochures, presentation and collateral


• Efficiently and effectively plans and manages large-scale events.

• Develops and guides media relations strategy.

• Applies specialized industry expertise to client work.

• Has established a circle of industry editorial, investment community, professional

and/or third-party group contacts.

• Has strong presentation skills and demonstrated ability to play a leadership role in a

wide range of presentation settings.

• Anticipates and develops solutions to client needs and problems.

• Provides strong leadership in building effective, productive account teams.


• Develops accurate project budgets and monitors them effectively.

• Good understanding of our financial system and effective in managing client budgets.

• Oversees timely development and distribution of bills and activity reports.

• Follows-up with clients on collections and other financial and administrative details.

• Completes timesheets daily and otherwise acts in accordance with company policies

and procedures and ensures the same for the team.

• Contributes to forecasting/projections done by more senior managers.

• Meets billability targets and ensures the team does the same for their levels.

• Is gaining awareness and understanding of our contractual agreements and their

impact on agency procedures.

People Management

• Participates with senior managers in hiring, assessment and career development


• Identifies strengths and weaknesses of direct reports and team members, providing

day-to-day counselling on job performance and career development as appropriate.

• Manages timely performance appraisals for direct reports.

• Manages staff to maximize productivity and individual, team and financial


Business Development

• Provides leadership in growing existing accounts.

• Identifies and pursues opportunities for developing new business within and across

company offices and practice areas.

• Provides leadership in developing and presenting new business programs for potential

and existing clients.

• Ensures that team contributes quality ideas and recommendations for new/expanded

programs and proposals.

• Delivers strong analyses, strategy and concepts to new program development.

• Presents and discusses firm capabilities, based on knowledge of cases, products and

services and ensures team understanding of this area.

Initiative and General Management

• Is familiar with, and supports achievement of, the company’s vision and exemplifies

the company’s values.

• Routinely contributes to agency growth and performance as project, team, group and

agency leader.

• Manages people in effective, productive manner that also develops their skills and

loyalty to the firm.

• Trains staff through regular redbags and develops people to maximum potential.

• Delegates effectively.

• Routinely develops and implements solutions when problems arise.

• Assists peers in problem solving.

• Leverages talents of colleagues in own problem solving.

• Routinely seeks and shares information with colleagues.

• Directs and facilitates others’ contributions to team, staff and client meetings.

• Displays work ethic and values of the firm in day-to-day behaviour.

• Routinely invests in building agency and client accounts and resources.

• Works with senior managers to identify and address supervisory training, leadership

and career development needs.

• Continually seeks new ways to learn and improve and contribute.

• Participates actively in team, staff and client meetings