Head CSR (Business Development & Project Management )

Head CSR (Business Development & Project Management )

Job description 

  • The goal is to drive the company’s development and guide it towards long-term success.

  • Developing high quality business strategies and plans ensuring their alignment with short-term and long-term objectives.

  • Developing trust relations with key partners and business associates and act as a point of contact.

  • Overseeing all operations and business activities to ensure they produce the desired results and are consistent with the overall strategy and missions.

  • Designing and implementing a strategic sales plan that expands company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence.

  • Make high-quality investing decisions to advance the business and increase profits.

  • Enforce adherence to legal guidelines and in-house policies to maintain the company’s legality and business ethics.

  • Review financial and non-financial reports to devise solutions or improvements.

  • Deploy successful marketing campaigns and own their implementation from ideation to execution

  • Provide key inputs for the business plan of the project to key stakeholders (Board).

  • Support project conceptualization.

  • Analyse problematic situations and occurrences and provide solutions to ensure company survival and growth.

  • Maintain a deep knowledge of the markets and industry of the company.

  • Provide key inputs for the annual business plan of the project to key stakeholders (Board).

  • Provide & prepare a blue print of the complete Business Plan of the Project.

  • Provide direction to all project execution-related aspects.

  • Monitor, Liaise and track the progress of the project; Ensure on-time, on budget and desired quality.

  • Provide strategic direction in the development of projects plans.

  • Liaise with statutory authorities both at the local and national level so that building, environmental and other connected permissions are got on time for smooth execution of the project.

  • Mitigate risks of cost and time overrun and suggest corrective measures as needed.

  • Ensure a win-win relationship with key partners.

  • Ensure seamless flow of resources.

  • Build Company's brand in the industry as a trusted partner.

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with key technical partners, vendors and consultants.

  • Ensure transparent and ethical transactions and adherence to all commitments.

  • Preferred Candidates CSR Domain only .

25 Dec 2017


Project Management

New Delhi, India

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Head CSR (Business Development & Project Management )