Project Development Manager

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Project Development Manager

Job description

About the program

"22 FUTURE CEOs" is the Senior Management Recruiting program of Topica Edtech Group that provides candidates for management-level roles with in-depth experiences and ongoing mentorship across a range of business areas within E-Learning industry. For the first 6-month challenge, candidates will work on 3 different managerial positions in different fields; that giving candidates an overview of Topica's operating system before moving into the area that fit them the most.


  • Only VIETNAMESE with age between 24-30 with proven leadership abilities
  • Experienced with management and business acumen Versatile and passionate to tackle new challenges
  • Have a systemic thinking to manipulate multi-dimensional perspectives
  • Good in communication and written English

Opportunities and Challenges

  • Get opportunities to be relocated to 6 other nations - Vietnam, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and U.S for experiencing in 3 different fields of management position
  • Must be flexible to perform multiple duties in several departments
  • Become CEO or senior manager from start-ups within 5 years
  • Managing & developing several different E-Learning Projects with Mentors

Benefits / What’s on offer

  • Double promotion and salary raise up to 80% per year
  • Accumulating shares to million dollars after 3-7 years of working
  • Expanding a broad network of the high-end organizations, from which you will reap lasting benefits
  • Great opportunity for advancement and best practices in start-up community
  • Topica's rewarding culture: Calling leaders out on their mistake through straight talk and new initiative gaining momentum

Our recruitment process

  • Stage 1: Application/ Screening: Specify your name in the subject (22CEO_Your Full Name)
  • Stage 2: Exploration: Orientation meeting + GTAT + Essay tests
  • Stage 3: Interviews (Cultural fit and In-depth Interview)
  • Stage 4: Candidates shall work as a manager in 3 different fields in the first 6 months, then decide their field of preference to work in the area that fit them the most.

20 Dec 2017



Hanoi, Vietnam

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Project Development Manager

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