Trainee Sponsorship Coordinator

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Trainee Sponsorship Coordinator

Mission Statement

We believe that street and disadvantaged youth should have access to holistic and vocational development opportunities in a nurturing environment, where each family member builds self-confidence and is empowered to live a life of dignity and happiness.


Vision Statement

As a social enterprise we strive to provide positive change to the lives of street and disadvantaged youth. Our vision is to be increasingly internationally, prominent and successful, allowing us to spread our model to more communities. Wherever there is abandonment, neglect and abuse, we will be there. Culture Statement We are a family who cares about all others, and where big smiles bring promise of love, compassion and security. We work hard because we believe we can make a difference. We work hard because we love our organization for all it represents.


Value Statement

KOTO as an organization is built on the values of the individual staff and trainees. Every staff member at KOTO and every trainee reflect the optimism of 2 the group to achieve a positive outcome for disadvantaged youth in its program, through teamwork, compassion and trust. The staff is dedicated to the shared responsibility of ensuring that the trainees are empowered to take control of their own futures. They will be role models for the trainees by demonstrating their commitment to honesty and fairness. The trainees will acknowledge their acceptance of the value of “Know One Teach One” by supporting and respecting their fellow trainees in all aspects of KOTO life. Staff and trainees will show respect for each other and will treat all members of KOTO as equals. They will demonstrate these values to their colleagues and to anyone who comes in contact with KOTO.


Position Statement

The Trainee Sponsorship Coordinator will positively impact the organisation by building and maintaining effective relationships with Trainee Sponsors and providing a high quality service to these crucial stakeholders. They will work to promote and meet sponsorship targets, guide the communication between sponsors and trainees and establish standard operating procedures. They will contribute to the International Partnerships and Engagement team effectively and uphold their role as an ambassador of the KOTO family.

  • Group: International Partnership & Engagement
  • Responsible to: International Partnership & Engagement Manager
  • Reporting Staff: Nil
  • Key Working Relations: 
    Internal: Trainees, Staff, Volunteers, and KOTO International Board of Directors.
    External: Trainees’ sponsors, business partners and other external stakeholders.


Key Result Areas:

  1. Build relationships with trainee sponsors: Initiate and maintain regular contact with trainee sponsors to ensure positive relationships and ongoing support.
  2. Implement and maintain sponsorship campaign and channels: work proactively with new sponsorship campaigns and provide a high level of maintaining all online platforms and channels that use for Trainee Sponsorship Program.
  3. Respond to and initiate new sponsors: Provide a point of contact for sponsor enquiries, providing information and seeking new contacts.
  4. Reporting: Develop and implement reporting systems for trainee sponsorships. Report efficiently and effectively to KOTO stakeholders and the Board of Directors as required.
  5. Work with trainees to ensure appropriate two-way communication: Assist trainees with their letters to sponsors, helping with English language and ensuring suitable conversing occurs.
  6. Monitor two-way communication: Read and review all communication, acting, as a screening point to ensure communication from both parties is appropriate.
  7. Review and update Trainee Sponsor polices: Ensure policies are fair, reasonable and designed to protect all parties. Ensure policies are upheld.
  8. Events: Provide assistances to any events that are under International and Partnership Department.
  9. Internal liaison: Work proactively with KOTO Australia to ensure efficient payment processes and streamlined communication. As required, assist the International Partnerships & Engagement department with ongoing activities.
  10. Self: Manage self to maximise results.
  11. Values & Ethos: Uphold the values of KOTO.



University level qualification.


Key Skills & Knowledge

Well-developed technical skills in the following areas:

  • High level in English language skills. 
  • Communication (written & verbal)
  • Planning, organising and prioritising
  • Basic design skills (PS, AI)
  • Time management 
  • Sales techniques Personal attributes
  • High level of motivation
  • Flexible and responsive
  • Detail oriented
  • Cross cultural understanding
  • Well developed knowledge of social and economic challenges in Vietnam
  • Positive attitude and enthusiasm and belief in the KOTO’s mission

19 Dec 2017



[Vietnam, Hanoi, Vietnam]

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Trainee Sponsorship Coordinator

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