Readvertise - Programmer

Readvertise - Programmer

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The Programmer will be responsible for providing technical support to strengthen the MPM/ODA management information system.

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Do you have experience with programming, data analysis tools and databases? Do you want to work for a program that makes a difference? Then, this opportunity is right for you.
About the role 
Cardno as the managing contractor is currently recruiting for a Programmer for TNP2K under the MPM ODA Unit. The Programmer will be responsible for providing technical support to strengthen the MPM/ODA management information system. He/She will report to MPM/ODA MIS Coordinator.

About the program
The Government of Australia is supporting the Government of Indonesia under a program called MAHKOTA - Menuju Masyarakat Indonesia Yang Kokoh Sejahtera (Towards a Strong and Prosperous Indonesian Society). 

MAHKOTA is a flexible facility administered by Cardno that is able to respond to Government of Indonesia priorities, provide top Indonesian and international expertise, and allow the Government of Indonesia to take risks with innovating policy. MAHKOTA's goal is "a comprehensive and equitable social protection system for the whole of Indonesia by 2025." The outcomes of the program are:

  • Quality of the national social protection system is improved;
  • More comprehensive and joined up social protection and labour market policy is delivered;
  • Synergies with wider social and economic policy and planning are enhanced;
  • Government of Indonesia capacity to progress towards the goal is established and can continue without further Australian support.

In order to improve the effectiveness of targeting in the social protection programs, the Government Indonesia has been employing the unified database (UDB) since 2012. The database that consists of 40% of households in Indonesia with lowest economic status was developed in 2011 and only updated four years later (in 2015) through a massive survey that costs the government budget up to IDR 1 Billion. Following the directive of the Vice President of Indonesia to establish a mechanism that allows more dynamic and cost-efficient updating of the UDB, TNP2K is developing an On Demand Application (ODA) mechanism to update the UDB. The development and implementation of ODA mechanism is in line with Indonesia Law no 13/2011 which mandated the state to enable the poor to actively nominate themselves as programs' beneficiaries, and subsequently receive equal and standardized treatment to determine their eligibility.

09 Oct 2017



[Indonesia, Jakarta, Indonesia]

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Readvertise - Programmer