AlumniPro is an International Alumni Employment Tracker and Engagement Platform designed to help you effortlessly track and contact your institution's alumni worldwide. 

You can gain insights by filtering based on Institution Attended, Years of Experience, Location, Industry, Employer Type, Year of Graduation, Degree Type, Job Titles, Employers, and more.

Our parent company Cturtle tracks the education and employment of 6M high-demand global talents, including 1.5M international alumni of universities from Australia, the United States, the UK, and Canada.

Worldwide Alumni & Employment Tracking

Many stakeholders, including institutions, governments, companies, and study clusters, need more accurate and up-to-date information on their alumni and ways of communicating with them. Our dashboards were specifically created to address these issues.

With our platform, your institution can gain insights into your alumni and utilize the data for engagement, strategic initiatives, continuing education, employment, and more.

Do you have a great comprehensive overview of your alumni and employees? 

Regional or Country Specific Tracking

AlumniPro allows you you be as specific as you need to narrow down your targeting. We can track alumni on a global scale, all the way down to a specific city, using a variety of different metrics to get the most accurate results possible.

Our dashboard allows you to contact your alumni effortlessly using the latest AI technology and message automation to maximize engagement.

Search by Location

Search by University Attended

Track the Location & Employment Outcomes of Your Alumni Globally.

Filter and Search by:

Search by Industry or Company Type

Search by Years of Experience or Graduation Year

This is a great tool for planning engagement initiatives around ongoing education and advancement or for government stakeholders focused on trade and investment and finding talent to fill critical talent shortages in their country. The platform lets you easily search and directly message alumni based on your requirements.