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The International Alumni Job Network (IAJN) was founded in 2015 as a professional network for international students and alumni who have studied in Australia, UK, USA, Canada and New Zealand. In 2019 the organization launched a niche job board exclusively for international alumni called Cturtle and the first employer matching platform designed for international students, fresh graduates and experienced alumni  called JOB+

IAJN International Alumni Job Network

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 IAJN International Alumni Job Network

Universities are increasingly having to compete for students by focusing on the employability of their graduates. This must include effective marketing strategies that appeal to prospective students and current students and thus effectively showcase the employability skills held by graduates. The research for this case study explores the trends in international student recruitment. It highlights how important it is for universities to market their employability skills effectively if they wish to compete successfully. 

We are here to help international students build their professional networks internationally and find the right jobs for them.
A career-focused network for international students and alumni: IAJN is a global network connecting over 6,000,000 internationals who study or work abroad. Be part of the fastest-growing network for internationals that are connecting universities and countries through career-focused social networking. 

Our Global Network for International Graduates

We help employers to find potential candidates through our different platforms. It has been more than one year since we started out on this journey of connecting Alumni and assisting graduates in getting their experience listed for future employment.  
Affordable tools for global companies to find the right employees for them: We help businesses to build an in-house professional talent pipeline with workforce solutions that bridge the delivery gap between universities and employers. Employers select the best match from great candidates per their requirements through our global database. 

If you're hiring for full-time, part-time, or internship roles, we can help. Here's how it works:
- Register and post your job vacancy quickly and easily for free.
- View applications from candidates who have registered their CVs to receive alerts.
- Easily shortlist and contact the candidate(s) directly.
- Hit the ground running and start interviewing within days of advertising your vacancy. Recruitment from the International Alumni Job Network, raising the profile 

 International Alumni Job Network

Student and Alumni Gain Global Work Experience Through IAJN: We help universities network with alumni, corporate partners and potential graduate employers worldwide. We provide the only truly global job network for students and alumni seeking global employment, focused on careers open to graduates throughout their careers - from graduates looking for part-time work while travelling to established professionals seeking international jobs. IAJN is a leading source of recent graduates seeking their first international jobs. 

We help facilitate the connection between universities, international alumni and students – creating access points that make ecosystems of opportunity for all involved. 

The International Alumni Job Network: IAJN is an independent alumni business network for the world's leading universities and colleges. The International Alumni Job Network (IAJN) is a social enterprise set up by a group of business professionals to bridge the gap between universities and companies to find international graduates. 

International Alumni Job Network (IAJN) is a platform that connects alumni organizations and their members with workplaces, offering opportunities to students and graduates of partner institutions. It helps them build connections, find internships and jobs and start a global career. 

IAJN; A Global Community for Alumni & Students: More than 2.5 million international students live and study in the United States, for example. IAJN has been set up to provide these students with the tools to help them network, find work, practice English and ultimately gain employment. We aim to create a vibrant global community where international students and alumni have a voice and can be recognized as a valuable asset to their home country's economy.  

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What started as a network to help international students at Australian universities to connect with a global alumni network to help them in the transition from education to employment around the world. We now support international students and alumni who have graduated from the following countries:

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